Don’t Forget to Pay Attention to Your Alarm System’s Battery Life!

When you purchase an Ademco Honeywell alarm monitoring system, you know that burglars are bound to stay away from your Atlanta home. Peace of mind is what these residential burglar alarms offer people. However, in order to ensure that they Ademco products are running as well as they should, it’s critical that you as the user take certain steps to guarantee that these systems are in good working order. That means checking the batteries on a regular basis and replacing them when need be.

According to the Ademco security system manual, batteries in wireless transmitters last anywhere from four to seven years. Yet, this range depends on a number of factors including environment, use and humidity. Occasionally, alarm systems in a home malfunction because the temperature is too high or too low. As such, its best to sure that your thermostat doesn’t read above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. In the event that the battery life is depleting, the wireless system will send a signal to alert you of the issue.

Keep in mind that every transmitter is different. Some, such as those with the model number 5802, 5802CP and 5803 require that the entire system by replaced by an experienced technician when the battery dies. If you are the owner of such a system, don’t wait to call reputable home security companies as soon as possible. Speak to an agent, schedule a time for an employee with knowledge of security system installation, to come to your house so that they can come to your residence and give you your peace of mind back. If you don’t know who to call, think about contacting Atlanta-based company American Alarm. They can not only provide you with information on how to keep your home safe, but also offer you free estimates for their services.