Avoid the Devastating Financial Impact of Home Invasion

One of the reasons often given by people that don’t consider having an Atlanta alarm company install a burglar alarm system is that the monthly monitoring costs are not worth paying, since it’s unlikely that a typical home will experience a break-in.

Ademco Systems Offer Intruder and Fire Protection Systems

The company also advises families use radio backup with their alarm so that emergency signals may still be sent to the Central Monitoring Station. This is particularly useful if the telephone lines are down.

The Master Code on Your DSC PC2550 Alarm is One of the Most Important Codes You’ll Ever Have

The American Alarm technician who installed this residential burglar alarm likely told you that the master code is used to arm and disarm your system.

Placement of Smoke Detectors in Your Home is Critical

Do not put a smoke or fire detector in your kitchen as doing so could set off activate it every time you cook, especially if you are not an experienced cook.

Get to Know Your Residential Security System

As an informed consumer, you are probably quite aware that Honeywell is one of the nation’s leading providers of security products in the United States.

Community Watch can be an Effective Crime Prevention Tool in your Atlanta Neighborhood

In fact, the National Crime Prevention Council advises neighborhoods to have citizen volunteers wear neighborhood-approved uniforms and offer their presence in certain designated areas.