The Master Code on Your DSC PC2550 Alarm is One of the Most Important Codes You’ll Ever Have

Have you recently purchased a DSC PC 2550 alarm monitoring system but are still becoming familiar with all its various functions? If so, you’ve probably come across the term “master code.” The American Alarm technician who installed this residential burglar alarm likely told you that the master code is used to arm and disarm your system. But that is not all this important combination has the power to do.

This series of four numbers can also be used to program additional codes and even altering other features that can be found in the DSC user manual. The next question that you may have is how in the world you are supposed to know what your master code is? There’s nothing complicated involved. Your technician will give it to you after he is done installing your alarm. All keypad entries are made by pushing one key at a time and can be adjusted any time you feel like doing so. If you are interested in learning more about access codes, then you’ll want to visit the section of the DSC owners manual entitled “Additional Access Codes.”

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