Trimmed Shrubs and Thorny Flowers can Help Keep Burglars Away from your Home

When many people think about landscaping their home in Atlanta, they may consider adding shrubs and flowers that not only complement the shade of their house but also increase their property value by tens of thousands of dollars, according to sources like The San Francisco Chronicle. But, it’s important to note that gardening can also be effective in reducing the likelihood of a burglar breaking into your home.

When it comes to selecting the perfect plants, you may be tempted to pick large trees because as they can provide plenty of shade, but doing so can provide good coverage for criminals. The more that they can hide when attempting to enter or exit your home, the better chance they stand of escaping capture by police.

If you do favor larger bushes, remember to trim them regularly as this will make it more difficult to gain access to your home through the roof, windows or even a skylight. You should also contemplate laying down gravel beds outside the your place. That way, you have a better chance of hearing an intruder that is trying to break-in.

Finally, think about planting flowers or shrubs that may hurt anyone who is attempting to rob your residence. For example, roses and cacti are lined with thorns that will scratch and injure an unwanted visitor. It doesn’t hurt that that these blooms and fauna are also attractive.

But, keep in mind that these landscaping tips are just part of the solution to keep your property safe. It’s also critical that you have a high-tech and working alarm monitoring system. If your residential burglar alarm is activated, you can rest assured that help will be on the way in a matter of minutes.