Performing Weekly Tests on your Alarm is Essential

DSC PC2550 alarm monitoring system was created to give you, the homeowners, maximum protection without breaking the bank. One of the best uses of your time after you purchase this residential burglar alarm is reading through the user manual. Perhaps the first thing that you will notice is how you should test your security system on a weekly basis. To do this, you need to first call your local monitoring station and let them know what you are planning so agents don’t think you are having a true emergency.

Once you’ve done this and your system is disarmed, activate all sensors at the same time. Make sure to pay attention to he zone light that comes on after each sensor goes off. The user manual recommends performing a bell test by inputting [*][6][MASTER CODE][8] when your alarm is unarmed. If you’d like, ask the technician who installed your system to program it so the test is performed automatically on a weekly basis. If you don’t take advantage of this option and you are performing this test manually, remember to call the monitoring station at the end.

If you notice that the “Trouble” light becomes illuminated when arming your residential burglar alarm, attempt to troubleshoot using the DSC user manual. If the light doesn’t turn off after you have taken the recommended steps, don’t hesitate to contact the alarm company that installed your system. If you’d like to work with a new business because you weren’t satisfied with the service you were getting, think about reaching out to American Alarm. We’re a local Atlanta company that has received consistent A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau and would be happy to help you get your alarm working again.