Community Watch can be an Effective Crime Prevention Tool in your Atlanta Neighborhood

Regardless of what section of Atlanta you live in, it’s safe to say that all homeowners want to do everything they can to keep their property and community safe. In addition to following recommendations such as keeping your front door and windows locked at all times, it’s important to understand there are things that you can do with your neighbors to ensure that residents are less likely to become the victim of a crime.

In fact, the National Crime Prevention Council advises neighborhoods to have citizen volunteers wear neighborhood-approved uniforms and offer their presence in certain designated areas. These residents can report suspicious activity to law enforcement officials.

In a large city like Atlanta, it can be difficult for authorities to constantly patrol every part of each neighborhood. That is when residents who are interested in keeping crime down can offer a helping hand.

Consider holding a meeting of men and women who are interested in lowering residential offenses such as burglary and trespassing. You may want to call upon your local police agency, as many law enforcement departments are happy to send a trained officer to speak at a community gathering about topics ranging from investigative processes to emergency response.

Of course, an organized community watch is only part of the equation in keeping a neighborhood and all those who live in a designated community safe. To protect your property from unwanted intruders, you may also want to consider having an alarm monitoring system installed in your Atlanta house. If you don’t have one or would like to replace your existing residential burglar alarm, consider speaking with a local company today about security system sales.