A Master Burglar Shares His Secrets to Avoid Residential Burglar Alarm

Usually, when you want advice on security system monitoring, you turn to your local law enforcement agency or Atlanta alarm company for advice on how best to protect your family from home invasion and burglary. But the best experts on avoiding break-ins are often the people who actually commit them.

Walter T. Shaw, a former member of the famous Dinner Set Gang that robbed wealthy households while families ate dinner, has made a career for himself since his incarceration offering advice to households on how to avoid theft at home. He provided a few pointers for MSN Money:

  • Don’t blab to strangers: Shaw says he used to have informants in the service industry, such as carpet installers and hair stylists, who would take note of when their clients said they’d be out or on vacation, so that he knew when to break in to those homes. He says homeowners should be more circumspect about who they share information with.
  • Hollywood is wrong: Most thieves don’t bother wearing masks or gloves. They’re usually a bit arrogant and think they won’t get caught. This is where a video security system would be useful.
  • Intruders aren’t vampires: While it’s more likely that someone will break in to your home at night, Shaw says that more robbers are choosing targets during the day when people are at work and kids are in school. Plus, daylight means they can see what they’re doing.

Shaw also recommends arming your residential burglar alarm, as many families have these systems installed but then fail to actually use them. He states that burglars are definitely deterred by the presence of alarm signs in your front lawn. To find out the home security solutions available to you, contact American Alarm at (770) 645-0061 today.