Atlanta Home Security Monitoring Helps Prevent Home Invasion

Many homeowners may believe they don’t need an Atlanta home security monitoring to keep their property safe. While we certainly understand the hesitancy to commit to such an investment, particularly if you’ve never had a home invasion take place where you live, the fact is that you should always be prepared for such an event.

One man in Charlotte, North Carolina, had similar doubts about the necessity of a security system when he installed a four-camera setup at his home. The main purpose was to keep an eye on his dogs, but one day Jason Thompson heard his dogs barking and checked the video remotely on his smartphone and discovered that someone had broken into his backyard.

Local affiliate NBC Charlotte reports that he could clearly see someone walking around in his backyard, checking things out, before the video cut out.

“If you look at his feet, it looks like he’s wearing slippers,” Thompson told the source. “He starts sneaking up, stops about ten feet from the house.”

Police think that another individual was involved who was responsible for finding the camera and tossing it into the bushes. But luckily, the combination of the security system and the barking dogs seemed to have frightened the intruders into giving up.

If you’re interested in fortifying your home against home invasion and having a tool to help identify robbers, it’s a good idea to consider having an Atlanta alarm company install security cameras on your property. These can be connected to your home WiFi so that you can monitor them while you’re away from home, and they can help catch burglars in the act. For more information, contact American Alarm at (770) 645-0061.