Three Male Robbery Suspects Still on the Run, but Camera Systems Capture their Images

East Atlanta law enforcement officials say that three men suspected of robbing a Family Dollar have yet to be captured. On Friday, February 15, the burglars reportedly entered the store, located at 1104 Moreland Ave SE. They walked out with $400. One of the intruders was allegedly carrying a rifle.

During the incident, which occurred at approximately 10 p.m., there was at least one customer and three workers inside. The person who was present told police that he was buying cigarettes when one of the suspects pointed his weapon at him while one of his partners in crime grabbed the victim and took him to the back of the store.

The cashier who was assisting the man confronted by the burglars sprinted for the manager’s back office, locked herself inside and dialed 911. Another employee who was organizing receipts from his shift attempted to escape the store but he was unsuccessful. The third suspect attacked him on his way out and bit him on the shoulder.

Witnesses saw the three men running south on Moreland Avenue after they collected the money.

Luckily, the video security system caught images of the men who were described:

  • Robber one as wearing a black hooded jacket with light-hued jeans
  • Robber two as donning a black jacket with white undershirt and blue jeans
  • Robber three as wearing a black jacket with blue jeans and possibly a brown undershirt.

This incident highlights the importance of making sure that your office is equipped with proper security equipment. In addition to an alarm monitoring system, you may also want to contact a reputable business about commercial camera systems that can be installed around your company’s premises.