Atlanta Convenience Store Robbed, but Image of Suspects Caught on Tape

Atlanta police still have had no luck tracking down two armed men they say robbed a supermarket in Reddy on Monday, March 4. However, the quickie mart, which is located on College Avenue in the historic neighborhood of Kirkland, was able to catch an image of the suspect thanks to the store’s video security system.

As the owner was exiting his convenience store, he said two men approached him around 10:30 p.m. In one report, an officer wrote that the victim said “The one older suspect pointed the hand gun at him and the two suspects motioned for him to get back in the store.” The proprietor did not put up a fight and after walking inside, was assaulted.

”The victim was punched in the face by the suspects, causing a laceration and bruises to his face,” investigators wrote. He was taken to Atlanta Medical Centre and his condition is currently known.

The suspected robbers purportedly took 450 packs of cigarettes, $400 from the register and the owner’s credit cards and wallet. They used garbage bags to collect all the items they stole. They also made off with his car.

Anyone with information about the convenience store burglars are asked to call Atlanta police right away.

Even though these men have not been caught, this incident does illuminate the importance of making sure that your business is properly secured. That means more than just having a alarm installed, it also includes a camera system in place. If you are interested in learning more about what these monitoring systems can do to keep your employees and customers safe, consider calling an Atlanta security monitoring like American Alarm. Our experienced agents can give you information on everything from sales to installation.