New Jersey Home Invasion Caught on Nanny Cam

A recent home invasion in Millburn, New Jersey, has raised the profile of the utility of a video security system and what it can do to help deter and aid in the prosecution of home invaders (as well as abusive nannies).

Connecting Your Video Security System to the Atlanta Police Department

If you’ve considered investing in a video security system for your Atlanta business, you’ve probably wondered how useful it would be given that it captures crimes as they happen rather than preventing them from occurring in the first place.

Police Searching for Suspect in Armed Robbery of Fulton County Drugstore

One of the challenges facing business owners in the Atlanta area is to make their establishments secure while maintaining a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Police Searching for Suspects in Marietta, Georgia, Pawn Shop Burglary

If you’re the owner of an Atlanta business and you’re hoping to protect your property from burglars, it’s difficult to overstate the importance of having a well-maintained commercial security system monitored by an Atlanta alarm company.

Suspected Woodstock Burglars Caught on Video

We wrote on April 5 about the benefits of hiring an Atlanta security system company to add a video monitoring system to your existing home security.