Suspected Woodstock Burglars Caught on Video

We wrote on April 5 about the benefits of hiring an Atlanta security system company to add a video monitoring system to your existing home security. A recent burglary of a grocery store in Cherokee County, Georgia, is another example of how these systems can protect your home or business and help identify intruders.

On March 25, two male suspects broke into the West Market in Woodstock, Georgia, and stole $11,250 in cigarettes and a safe containing cash. The burglary occurred after hours, but the suspects were caught on the store’s video security system. Police speculated that a third individual was involved, as one of the burglars can be seen talking on a cell phone or walkie-talkie.

Both men in the video were seen wearing sheer stockings and gloves. Sheriff’s Lieutenant Jay Baker, who spoke with 11 Alive, a local NBC affiliate, said that the suspects got into the store by removing a large piece of Plexiglas from the store’s entry, after disabling an alarm.

Authorities stressed that anyone with information about the robbers should contact the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office at (770) 928-0239.

Video security systems are pretty common for business owners, particularly in the retail industry, but many homeowners still haven’t integrated cameras into their home security setup. There are many options available, including systems that allow you to monitor your home while you’re away using any device with a web browser, including mobile phones.

These systems can also be controlled, allowing access to family if you’re not available to let them in.

Having video of a home intrusion can aid investigators in finding and prosecuting suspects. Contact us at (770) 645-0061 to find out why we are one of the leading Atlanta security company.