Elderly Woman Robbed by Burglars Posing as Sub-Contractors

It is important to remember that burglaries can take many forms and that the people who perpetrate them don’t always wait for you to leave your home. One of the more common techniques that robbers will use is to pose as salesmen, contractors or municipal officials who, for one reason or another, need to enter your house. You should always be careful about who you allow into your home, and make sure to contact an Atlanta security system company to have a video security system installed that can capture any crimes on tape.

MyFoxAtlanta, a local affiliate, reported that an elderly woman from DeKalb County, Georgia, was the victim of a robbery on April 14 when three men posing as Georgia Power sub-contractors entered her home

The 73-year-old widow told MyFoxAtlanta she was lured outside by one of the men, who explained that they needed to tend to an issue involving her trees causing a fire hazard with power lines. After they went into the backyard, she believes two of the men entered her home and stole $60,000 worth of jewelry.

“He was pointing out limbs that were on the line, the power lines and he said they were causing problems by fires starting when the limbs connected with the power lines and that they were going to have to cut them down and put a net up,” she told the source. “I got to my bedroom and everything was gone.”

In response to the burglary, Georgia Power cautioned residents about letting anyone into their homes, as it is very rare for utility contractors to have to come to the doors of customers.

Unfortunately, Metro Atlanta residents must be careful about letting in anyone claiming to be a contractor without an appointment. Georgia Power also recommends asking for identification.

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