Promoting a Positive Office Culture while Maintaining Access Control

Companies like Google and Facebook are famous for implementing more open office environments in which employees are given a great deal of freedom to roam about the premises.

Protecting Your Computer from Theft

As one of the top Atlanta alarm companies, we try to keep tabs on the habits of burglars and robbers, and in recent years, as mobile computing has become more common, there has been a corresponding uptick in the number of thefts in this kind of equipment.

Access Control Systems Provide Safe Security Solution for Schools and Institutions

In the wake of the Newton, Connecticut, tragedy there has been an increased focus on how schools can better protect children from intruders.

Don’t Jeopardize Your Employees’ Safety

Revving up security in the office also involves implementing certain forms of technology, such as access control systems.

Keep the Information on Your Computers Safe by Following the Advice Below

Over the years, hackers have become much more sophisticated, and with just a few simple tools, they can now see all the data that you have stored on your computer.