Georgia Resident Receives Sentence for Robbery and Rape Incident

A Georgia resident will spend the rest of his life in jail after an Atlanta judge sentenced him for his part in a home invasion and rape. According to local sources like WSBTV 2, Tyler Grogan broken into a woman’s Aspen Point Apartments residence, held her hostage and sexually assaulted her over and over again during a standoff with law enforcement officials.

Grogan was convicted on Thursday, March 7, and during the trial proceedings, told Judge Alford Dempsey that he wasn’t interested in hearing the charges against him or his punishment.

”Mr. Grogan. You’re going to sit here and listen to every word I’ve got to say. Whether you want to hear it or not Mr. Grogan, you’re an animal,” replied Dempsey, according to the television news station.

The young man’s defense attorney said that his mother’s murder a few years prior influenced his client to make decisions that had negative consequences.

”I’m sure if he had to do it all over again, things would be a lot different,” said attorney Kenneth Schatten. ”He got caught up where life was too much for him and put himself in a situation that got out of hand.”

After the sentencing portion of the case came to a close, supporters for Grogan began screaming and cursing at police, prosecuting attorneys and reporters.

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