4 Tips for Storing Jewelry

Fine jewelry is one of the most frequent targets of a home invasion. These are typically the most valuable items in the home, and are fairly easy for robbers to grab, pocket and later exchange for cash at a pawn shop or on the black market. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t properly store these items to prevent theft, or they keep their valuables in a place that is very obvious to burglars. Even if you’ve hired an alarm monitoring service, it’s a good idea to conceal and store these items in a way that will prevent theft and damage.

Ebay’s list of 13 tips for storing jewelry is a great resource for those property owners concerned about the safety of their most precious possessions. Here are four of their best pieces of advice:

  • Keep jewelry in a dry place. Humidity can cause tarnishing, rust and corrosion.
  • Store different pieces separately to avoid tangling. This also mitigates the risk of losing all your valuables in a theft, as robbers are less likely to steal the longer they have to search for something.
  • Store items in a box with a strong exterior but a soft interior. This protects them from drops and impacts on the outside, while keeping them safe from scratches and blemishes that could decrease their value.
  • Use plastic bags. They’re non-abrasive and flexible, and particularly useful for storing jewelry while traveling.

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