Is Connectivity Exposing You to More Personal Security Risks?

A recent article in the Boston Globe draws attention to the fact that, as our lives become more connected to the internet, our exposure to personal security risks increases. Up until recently, most computer safety concerns had to do with hackers stealing private financial information from your PC. But now that your phone, residential burglar alarm and even your car are web-enabled, it raises the question of what you’ll need to do to protect those devices from being compromised.

At the recent Black Hat and DefCon computer security conferences in Las Vegas, scientists demonstrated that they could hack into the electronics of a modern automobile, such as a Toyota Prius or Ford Escape, and take control of the car away from the driver. This includes the breaking and steering mechanisms, making it easy to cause an accident.

The article also points out that as home security becomes more connected to the internet, it can also be compromised by programmers who try to disarm the system without your knowing. This is especially a problem if your Atlanta alarm company doesn’t do a good job of keeping up with the latest security technology to ensure that your alarm has proper safeguards installed to protect against hackers.

American Alarm takes these threats very seriously and ensures that the systems we install in your Atlanta home are secure from all types of threats, including those posed by hackers. For more information on our cutting edge security technology, contact us at (770) 645-0061 today.