The Statistical Case for Smoke Detectors

As one of the leading Atlanta fire alarm companies, American Alarm Corporation takes the safety of every resident of this city seriously. Something we cannot emphasize enough is the importance of having well-maintained, operational smoke detectors in the bedrooms of every Atlanta home.

It stands to reason that the presence of smoke detectors can reduce the risk of fire-related injury or death, but you might be surprised at just how overwhelmingly the data proves this point. A 2011 report by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) details some of the remarkable statistics showing the substantial improvements in safety that come with the installation and maintenance of smoke detectors.

According to the report, 44 percent of all deaths caused by fire in one- and two-family homes occurred in houses that did not have smoke detectors installed. Another 22 percent occurred in houses with smoke alarms that were not operational, typically because of dead batteries or disconnected wiring. Considering that 96 percent of all homes now have smoke detectors installed, the distribution of these deaths among the remaining 4 percent without these systems is staggering.

The report also concludes that in situations where a smoke alarm did not operate correctly, battery-powered detectors were more common than hardwired units. While half of all smoke alarms installed in one- and two-family homes run on batteries, these same detectors accounted for 76 percent of non-working smoke alarms, typically because the batteries were depleted or missing.

The report found that stand-alone residences are less likely to have operational smoke detectors than apartments, possibly because smoke detector maintenance in apartments is usually the responsibility of the landlord.

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