The Importance Of A Fire Alarm Monitoring Company

Fire alarm monitoring in Atlanta

Fire alarm monitoring in AtlantaThe incidence of injury or death from fire decreases substantially with the installation and maintenance of smoke detectors. The incidence of injury or death from fire decreases substantially with the installation and maintenance of smoke detectors. Fire alarm monitoring is one of the most important aspects of running a business and most people take it for granted. Unfortunately, many people don’t find out about the value of a good alarm company until it’s too late. For some reason, it seems most people have a wait and see attitude concerning fire safety, but being reactive instead of proactive can cost a business owner everything.

The monetary damage done to businesses by fire is in the billions every year. In Atlanta, fire alarm monitoring can make the difference between salvaging or losing an entire building. The greatest fire alarm installation on earth does little good if the company monitoring the alarm doesn’t handle the situation in a timely manner.

When a fire triggers the alarm, it’s up to the fire alarm monitoring company to notify the authorities. Therefore, you’ll want a reliable company to handle this important responsibility. Response time is the key to minimizing the damage that the fire can do.

There are a number of different aspects to a fire alarm system. Some smoke detectors only detect smoke but not heat. By the time thesefire alarm monitoring company alarms go off, the fire may already be raging out of control. For this reason, it’s wise to request smoke detectors that can also detect a sudden increase in temperature and carbon monoxide as well. This is especially important in buildings where a lot of people work and shop.

A fire may start in an inconspicuous section of the building such as the attic or the basement. In these instances, the people within the building may be unaware of the imminent danger and simply continue with their day. This is why it’s important to have a great alarm system.

Atlanta Fire Alarm SystemThe system only lets the people know to exit the building but it does little to actually combat the fire. Even sprinklers will only activate on an individual basis. The best resource to deal with a fire is the fire department and they can only respond when the fire alarm monitoring company alerts them to the emergency.

Business also may need NFPA Certificates for their fire alarm system. If the fire marshal recently visited your business and requested your annual NFPA 72 certificate, call American Alarm.  We can do the inspection and issue a NFPA 72 certificate at a fraction of the cost of most fire alarm companies.