Working with the Atlanta Police Department: See Something, Say Something

The Atlanta Police Department (APD) has 1,925 officers, but the city has a population of over 432,000 people. This means that the police department needs the help of every resident to keep the community safe from incidents like home invasion, robbery and criminal activity. As a leading Atlanta alarm company, we place the security of the city and its inhabitants as a major priority. Ensuring this is dependent upon everyone working together to improve neighborhoods.

The APD has a program called “See Something, Say Something” that can help residents make city life better. The idea is that suspicious behavior should be brought to the attention of authorities, as they cannot be everywhere at once.

If you see something that just isn’t right, whether it’s a person behaving suspiciously in your neighborhood or an unattended bag sitting in a crowded area, you should remember the acronym SALUTE and record the following information, reporting it to law enforcement officials immediately:

  • Scene: Write down the behavior that caught your attention.
  • Activity: Record the activity that occurred.
  • Location: Determine where it happened exactly.
  • Uniform: Document the clothing of the suspect.
  • Time: Log when the event took place
  • Equipment: Describe any vehicle, object or weapon that may have been involved. Include the make and model if there was a car.

By following these steps, concerned residents can help the police department investigate any potential threats and stop crimes before they occur.

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