String of Burglaries Shakes DeKalb Community

Police are investigating a recent string of burglaries in DeKalb County, Georgia, that has left the community shaken and on-edge. Nearly a dozen break-ins have been reported in the Northcrest area on Regalwoods Drive. The break-ins have reinforced the notion that no community is completely safe from intruders, and residents should prepare their homes with a home security system from an Atlanta security monitoring company.

WSB-TV Channel 2, an Atlanta network station, reports that the robberies began around Christmas. Police have arrested one suspect, Derrick Holder, 20, during an attempted break-in, but they believe a crew of individuals are involved in the burglaries. One of the victims, an elderly woman who is blind, told Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman that some of the items stolen from her home were priceless and irreplaceable. The thieves broke windows and left shattered glass all over her floor.

One resident, Neil Laubman, told the source that the burglaries have rattled the neighborhood to the point where residents lock up and hide valuables before they leave their homes.

“Just about every street in the neighborhood [has been hit],” said Laubman. Another resident expressed fear of encountering a burglar face-to-face and how such a confrontation might affect her family, telling the source that she is considering moving them away just to avoid the upsurge in crime.

Residents of DeKalb County with any information about the break-ins are encouraged to call the DeKalb County Police Department at (678) 937-2852.

No one deserves to feel unsafe in their own neighborhood. The best way to avoid this is to have an Atlanta security monitoring company set up a system at your home that will alert authorities to the presence of unwelcome intruders. Call us at (770) 645-0061, and we’ll help you select the best system for your home.