Do You Know All That Your Ademco Security System Can Do?

Few alarm monitoring systems are as reliable as those manufactured by Ademco. Their alarms not only keep intruders away from your Atlanta home, but also offer fire and emergency protection. Although every system is different, the majority offer at least one keypad and multiple sensors like motion detectors and window and door sensing devices. Below you will find a general overview of your Ademco residential burglar alarm so that you can become more familiarized with all that it can do:

1) Zone designation

Your system’s sensing abilities have been allocated to various zones around your house. As the user’s manual so accurately describes, the motion detector on the entry and exit door of your residence may be assigned to zone 5 while those on the windows of your bedroom could be linked to zone 2. How you designate each zone is up to you and your technician. Any trouble that is detected in your home will be displayed by zone on the keypad.

2) Burglary protection

In order for this feature to be active, you have to arm your system. For more information on how to arm your alarm, refer to the “Arming the System” section of the owner’s manual.

3) Chime feature

If you’d like to disarm your system but still want to be notified in the event someone opens or closes a window or door, then take advantage of the chime feature.

If you have any questions about your Ademco security system product, then don’t hesitate to contact a reputable company like American Alarm. As the best Atlanta security systems company in the area, their experienced agents can answer any questions you have ranging from inspection to repair.