Come Up with a Plan for Dealing with Home Invasion

While you may hesitate to discuss the prospect of home invasion with your family – as it could be a frightening topic to even think about – it’s still a good idea to have a plan for dealing with emergencies and share that plan with your loved ones. As a leading Atlanta alarm company, we hear too often about families that did not do a good job preparing for such incidents, so we implore homeowners to keep the following advice in mind when formulating ways to deal with a burglary while you’re home:

  • Convert a closet in your house that is big enough for your entire family into a safe room that cannot be compromised. Make sure it has a thick door that opens out, and that you have the ability to lock it from the inside. If you make a point to charge your cell phone in this room every night, it will ensure that you have a way of contacting the police if someone breaks in and you must evacuate everyone to this room.
  • Designate an area outside the home, preferably a neighbor’s house or a tree nearby (though far enough away that the burglars cannot see it), where family members can congregate if they are able to escape safely.
  • If you must confront the burglar, don’t threaten them or act violently. Especially if they’re armed, the results could be disastrous. The goal is to get them out of the house as quickly as possible before anyone is hurt, so allow them to take what they want and exit.

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