3 Things You’re Doing Wrong Inviting Burglars To Your Home

You may not want to invite burglars to your home, but here are 3 things burglars see as an invitation to rob you: 1) Letting bushes and shrubs grow so high they block site to vulnerable windows and doors 2) Not stopping the mail when going on vacation. Mail piled up in mail boxes is […]

Why You Should Always Use Wireless Alarm Monitoring in Alpharetta

Let’s face it; criminals are getting increasingly brazen in the Atlanta area.  Because of this it is important to always stay one step ahead of the criminals.  One way that you can do this is with a wireless alarm monitoring system.  Wireless monitoring offers a variety of advantages that traditional wired alarm systems simply cannot […]

Benefits of Choosing an Alarm Monitoring Company Based in Alpharetta GA

If you watch TV for more than 30 minutes these days, you are bound to see a commercial for one of the large alarm monitoring companies.  These ads typically feature scary paid actors breaking into homes with alarm systems.  While these ads may be catchy, they do not bring to light some of the reasons […]

Benefits of Home Security Systems for Atlanta Residents

There are many options for homeowners when it comes to home security systems. For affordable alarm monitoring Atlanta homeowners have an experienced provider on their side. The company will continuously keep track of security. Customers also get control panels, touch pads, door contacts, motion detectors, and alarms at no cost. The Home Security Systems Atlanta […]

Protect Your Business with Security Monitoring and Access Control

Effective security monitoring and access control systems are the most important assets for protecting your property and employees. A sound monitoring system will detect any problems before a criminal can do damage. Cellular connectivity is another benefit. Any issues can be identified at a central monitoring station and relayed to a personal device, so you’ll […]

Best Security Camera Installation in Atlanta

American Alarm is now able to provide IP (internet protocol) cameras for about the same price as the digital or analog cameras.  You will find with the IP cameras the picture quality is much better and the remote viewing and recording playback are much more user friendly and thorough. Internet protocol cameras have a more […]

The Importance Of A Fire Alarm Monitoring Company

Fire alarm monitoring in Atlanta The incidence of injury or death from fire decreases substantially with the installation and maintenance of smoke detectors. The incidence of injury or death from fire decreases substantially with the installation and maintenance of smoke detectors. Fire alarm monitoring is one of the most important aspects of running a business and most […]

How To Choose Your Home Security Monitoring in Atlanta GA

Making sure that your family is safe all the time is one of the most important responsibilities of a parent. All parents would want to have the peace of mind of knowing that their family is safe from all harm. Unfortunately, many families around the world are victims of residential break-ins every year. Fortunately, there […]

Atlanta Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire is a good blessing if used in good ways but if it’s uncontrollable then it can destroy your business, homes, vital equipments and very important documents in an instant. That is why Atlanta Alarm Company offers the best monitoring and installation that will keep everything and everyone safe. You will be sure that everything […]