Do Residential Alarm Systems Deter Crime?

As a leading Atlanta alarm company, we like to make the statistical case, as well as the practical, for homeowners to invest in residential alarm systems.

Disaster Kit will Come in Handy in Case of Emergency

Unfortunately, you can never predict when a disaster like a home fire might happen to your family, especially given the number of things that can cause these catastrophes, from electrical problems and appliance malfunctions to lightning and gas leaks.

Victim in DeKalb Shooting Identified

One of the most frightening scenarios any homeowner can face is to encounter armed burglars, and as the leading Atlanta security monitoring company, we hear about home invasion stories far too often that end with injuries or fatalities.

Get to Know Your Residential Security System

As an informed consumer, you are probably quite aware that Honeywell is one of the nation’s leading providers of security products in the United States.

Rash of Burglaries Spurs Alarm System Investments in Pennsylvania Town

Since the start of October, Pennsylvania news outlets indicate that more than 250 burglaries have taken place in Millcreek Township, a small town of roughly 50,000 residents in Erie County.

Young Girl Injured During Suspected Attempted Robbery in Atlanta Neighborhood

The man who lived in the apartment where the young victim was injured told law enforcement officials that he was walking toward his place on Amal Drive when a male in a mask with a shotgun came up to him on the street.