Duluth Family Escapes Fire Caused by Grill

Last week this blog reported on the aftermath of Georgia’s recent storm, which caused fires from lightning strikes and created hazards from downed power lines, to emphasize that an Atlanta fire alarm monitoring company can help prevent injury when catastrophes strike. A recent home fire in Gwinnett County, Georgia, provides another example of the kind of disaster that poses a considerable threat to the safety of your family.

CBSAtlanta.com reported that a family of four evacuated their home when a charcoal grill sparked a house fire on the 2500 block of Augustus Drive in Duluth on Sunday. According to the Gwinnett County fire department, the family was alerted to the emergency by a neighbor, who saw smoke and flames in the family’s backyard. The family also reportedly smelled smoke in their home.

The fire department stated that the blaze was caused by a grill that the family had been using earlier in the day. It was placed next to the home after they finished cooking. The utility company also had to be called in to neutralize the threat from a downed power line caused by the blaze.

Charcoal grills pose a considerable fire hazard when left unattended, so it is always recommended that you take the proper precautions to ensure the coals have been completely extinguished after use. For propane grills, make sure the valve on the propane tank is turned to the “off” position. We also advise that you store your grill away from your home, to prevent sparks from the coals landing on nearby plants or flammable materials.

A fire of this sort could become catastrophic very quickly, and every Atlanta homeowner should consult with an Atlanta alarm monitoring company to find out what they can do before disaster hits. Call us at (770) 645-0061 and we can help you find the right alarm monitoring system for your home.