3 Things You’re Doing Wrong Inviting Burglars To Your Home

You may not want to invite burglars to your home, but here are 3 things burglars see as an invitation to rob you: 1) Letting bushes and shrubs grow so high they block site to vulnerable windows and doors 2) Not stopping the mail when going on vacation. Mail piled up in mail boxes is […]

Benefits of Choosing an Alarm Monitoring Company Based in Alpharetta GA

If you watch TV for more than 30 minutes these days, you are bound to see a commercial for one of the large alarm monitoring companies.  These ads typically feature scary paid actors breaking into homes with alarm systems.  While these ads may be catchy, they do not bring to light some of the reasons […]

Your Trusted Alarm Monitoring Company in Alpharetta, GA

At American Alarm, we know that peace of mind has no cost; that’s why we will activate your existing alarm for FREE. Since 1995 we have been the leader in alarm monitoring in Alpharetta and the Atlanta metro area. We know that the hard work, time, and money you have invested into your homes are […]